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  • Our aim is to deliver you the best adventure experience possible!

    Thanks to our many years' experience in tourism hunting, fishing and snowmobiling, the Inukshuk Outfitter team promises to deliver to your satisfaction! All our packages can be tailored to your needs and we will be happy to set up your stay according to your standards and adjust the rates according the services you choose. In any case, we guarantee you will enjoy our friendly and simple approach. Come live the adventure with us!


  • Woodcock hunting is done right on the Inukshuk Outfitter's territories between the end of September and the end of October, with every week bringing its lot of challenges and loads of woodcock flights.

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  • Emblematic symbol of American Indian Mythology, the black bear has always been an object of fascination. This solitary creature is discrete by nature and usually avoids coming into contact with humans. Adult males, massive and stocky, typically weigh about 260 pounds but some have been seen to weigh in at a whopping 450 pounds.

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  • There are over 70,000 black bears in the Province of Québec. Black bear hunting is open in some ereas of Québec during the Fall. If you did not kill a bear during spring season, you can get up to two bears during fall season. This particular kind of hunting is usually done on territories prepared well in advance by outfitters, who carefully lay out bait to attract the animals.

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  • Hunt the Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve! Call us for details 819 325-0373

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  • Allow us to organize your next snowmobiling trip according to your standards. The Inukshuk Outfitter can set up the circuit of your choice for you and your group or customize one, anywhere throughout the Province of Québec, according to your expectations.

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  • The Complete Hunting Experience

    Allow us to organize your next hunting escapade according to your standards. The Inukshuk Outfitter can set up the package of your choice for you and your group or customize one that fully meets your requirements. Whether you want a 2-day getaway or a 10-day escapade, call us!

  • Professional All the Way

    Whether you're planning a 2 day or a 5 day escapade or a 10 day all-out snowmobile adventure, whether you prefer the Laurentians, Outaouais, Mauricie or Abitibi region, we can meet your requirements. The cost of your stay will vary according to the type of accommodations you choose, the number of participants, the type of snowmobiles, the distance travelled, etc. Your stay will be tailored to your needs and expectations.

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