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  • Spring black bear hunt all included package


    There are over 70,000 black bears in the Province of Québec. Black bear hunting is open in Québec during the Spring. This particular kind of hunting is usually done on territories prepared well in advance by outfitters, who carefully lay out bait to attract the animals. It is worth noting that by law, non residents, must go through a recognized outfitter to hunt bear in Québec.

    Bear hunting season spans 6 weeks during Spring, from mid-May to the end of June. This is when the success rate is highest because bears come out of hibernation avidly looking for food. The hunter meanwhile is quietly waiting in a stand, solidly set up in a tree, and watches the black bear's often stealthy approach. This helps minimize the risk of being detected by the bear, who is very good at picking up any movement or odour. Be aware that bears hunt at the very period when mosquitoes and black flies are abundant. In this context, remaining completely still is an art unto itself!


    Your package includes: 2 600 can $ per hunter / 1 300 can $ per added guest (taxes included)


    • 8 days / 7 nights full pension in the Outfitters cottages.

    • 6 hunting/fishing days.

    • 3 meals/day for the duration of your stay.

    • A guide.

    • A 14 foot boat with a 9.9 hp motor.

    • Wi-fi internet connection in the Outfitters main lodge.

    • Hot meals and service upon returning from your outings.

    • You will be able to fish at least 4 different fish species.

    • You will be hunting black bear from 4 PM to 9 PM every day until you make your catch.

    • Retrieving and skinning service for your bear catch.


    Your package does NOT include:


    • Your hunting and fishing licences.

    • Tips for your guide and cook.

    • Your alcoholic beverages.

    • Quad rentals, plane tours, car rentals and several other supplements are available for rent.


    What you need to know:


    • You will be provided with your hunting licence by the Outfitter on the premises at a cost of around 200$ for non residents and around 50$ for Quebec residents.

    • You will have to pay a firearms tax at the Montréal airport at a cost of approximately 25$ per weapon.

    • In order for us to have your hunting licences prepared, you have to provide us in advance with a list of all the participants' full names, dates of birth and addresses.

    • Tipping in Québec is a way for a client to express satisfaction for the services provided. A daily tip of 15$ to 20$ per customer for your guide would be a typical amount. It is also customary to leave a tip for the cook at the end of the week. If you go to a restaurant or to a bar, please be aware that the tip will NOT be included on your bill. The norm is to leave 15% of the amount billed as a tip.

    • We do not provide Thermocells or mosquito nets. These elements being crucial to your success, you will be able to purchase them on-site for about 100$.

    • The orange vest is mandatory, whether you are hunting with a bow, a crossbow or a firearm. Please bring your own orange vest.


    Catch limits:


    • One black bear per hunter.